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Rabu, 09 Maret 2011

Lexicon Reverb Delay

One of the phenomenal products for reverb is Lexicon Reverb Delay. The sound produced when you use the plugin is very good. With an existing preset then you do not need to be confused anymore to set the plugin. Only by making a few changes just in presetnya then hasilnay must be good. If you have a room with a simple acoustic then this plugin could resolve the issue. Download the plugin CLICK HERE READMORE...

Antarest Tube Vst

if you want to record the instrument sound you with the impression cylinder ...? Yes ... feels more thick and warm if you record your vocal or instrument using hardware tube. But if today you do not already have the hardware do not pessimistic because VST plugins you can use to get the impression cylinder. Here one of the plugins that you can use VST plugins are Antarest tube. There are several options when you use it. Please try mengeksplornya own. Please download the plugin HERE READMORE...

Selasa, 08 Maret 2011


You're a guitarist or you are helping the process of recording ... once upon a time you might get a request from a guitarist who wants to record with a specific guitar sound. Of course, if you use manual EFX guitar it will take a very long time. Now you can use a plugin which generate guitar sounds with unusual characteristics that produced by EFX guitar stompbox. Filenyapun very small and this plugin can be installed directly into forlder VST plugin if you use NUENDO or Cubase recording software. If you use this plugin you can select the type you want to use stompbox like stompbox EFX manual. Some of EFX in this plugin include distortion - Equalizer - delay - reverb. Please try it ...DOWNLOAD PLUGIN READMORE...